"Wonder, rather than doubt, is the root of all knowledge." Abraham Joshua Heschel

Worship Overflow exists to provoke wonder in hearts that will overflow in self-sacrificial love for God and neighbor.


Wrestling through Biblical Postures toward Women Leaders

Last week, I wrote an article about the Silence of Women in Conservative Christianity. The article received quite a bit of reaction on social media that continued to bring to mind things that I've been taught, believed, or need to consider with…

Hear His Voice and Believe in Yourself

My son Blake is a pretty confident kid. He loves putting himself out there and trying new adventures. So when we bought him his first bike two years ago, I was excited to see how he would have a whole new world opened up to him. When he…

The Silence of Women in Conservative Christianity

It's been twenty five minutes, with at least twenty still to go. I'm sitting in a comfortable chair, listening to someone share what God has been revealing to him in the Bible. Their sermon is usually very interesting to me, with a mix of deep…