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The Path of Safety

A half century ago, Martin Luther King Jr. marched with his arms locked with friends, neighbors, and strangers in the pursuit of greater unity, freedom, and liberty for the oppressed. It was a dangerous time that ultimately proved to be deadly for him. As they marched forward, their eyes held the combination of hope and fear, while their jaws clenched in the strength of forward movement. They were anything but safe. Yet, they marched. Read more

God’s Motherly Love

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to consider how our earthly fathers point us to the affection of our heavenly Father. We consider how the goodness and love of our earthly fathers remind us of God’s love. We consider how the sacrificial giving of our earthly fathers points us to the giving of our heavenly Father. We even think about how the failings of our earthly fathers remind us that our ultimate hope should be in our unfailing heavenly Father, rather than in our earthly one.

But this isn’t Father’s Day. It’s Mother’s Day.

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Don’t You Fear For the Thunder

His little body shook as the boom of thunder filled our dining room. As a baby, he had no idea what was going on. And he was afraid. Even my three year old daughter was getting concerned.

I knew what they needed in that moment wasn’t a distraction, or even a set of logical arguments regarding the structural stability of our house. What they needed in that moment, was a song. Read more

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All Dried Up

My mind was racing, and quite honestly, tired of racing. My wife was going to be gone for three days at a conference, during which time I would be solely responsible for our four kids under the age of seven. Our first album recording at church is coming down the final stretch. I was trying to prepare for leading worship. And I had a number of quick decisions that were needing to be made for my business.

If I were to line up four glasses of water, I would have been pouring into my family, my church, and my community. But my personal glass was empty. I literally felt like an engine without any more oil. Read more

Myself, All Grown Up

As a father of four, I really enjoy when my kids begin imagining their future. Do they want to be a parent someday? Where would they live? And inevitably, the question comes up, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I’ll never forget when I asked my son Blake that question when he was five years old. As most people do, I asked the stereotypical question, “What do you want to be when you grow up? A policeman? A fireman?”

Blake thought about it and said, “No. I just want to be myself, all grown up.”

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