Building A Worship Department

Over the past couple of months, I have been studying worship pastor job descriptions from across the country, spanning many different denominations, locations, and church sizes.

Many, though definitely not all, volunteer and part time positions are looking for people who are barely qualified and experienced at all. Read more

God’s Motherly Love

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to consider how our earthly fathers point us to the affection of our heavenly Father. We consider how the goodness and love of our earthly fathers remind us of God’s love. We consider how the sacrificial giving of our earthly fathers points us to the giving of our heavenly Father. We even think about how the failings of our earthly fathers remind us that our ultimate hope should be in our unfailing heavenly Father, rather than in our earthly one.

But this isn’t Father’s Day. It’s Mother’s Day.

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God Of Battles Won EP

One of the most interesting parts of our engagement with God is that it is a dialogue of poetry. In Ephesians 2:10, we see we are God’s poetry, that He is writing our stories as beautiful poems of grace. Then later in that chapter, we see that these poems are rising up in worship.

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Ankles Deep In A Grave

A couple of days ago, I stood as a member of the congregation, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. There was a powerful force behind the singing that morning that was palpable. I was struck with their passion as I stopped singing a few times to just look around, see, and listen to the worship. Read more

The Goodness of a Grave

Have you ever wondered what you want to be buried with? Most of us probably don’t even give it a second thought. But one man was buried with his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Another guy chose to be buried with his recliner. Some choose to be buried with their pets. And others are laid to rest in sports jerseys. One Ugandan man instructed his family to bury him with $55,000 in order to appease God on Judgement Day. Read more

God with Headphones

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who was wearing headphones? “Hey. Hey. Hey! Hello!” The arms begin to wave. Annoyance sets in. This is so rude!

Have you ever wondered if God was wearing headphones? You’re trying to talk to Him. You’re begging for answers. Why are these things happening in your life? You call and call.

Silence. Read more

Don’t You Fear For the Thunder

His little body shook as the boom of thunder filled our dining room. As a baby, he had no idea what was going on. And he was afraid. Even my three year old daughter was getting concerned.

I knew what they needed in that moment wasn’t a distraction, or even a set of logical arguments regarding the structural stability of our house. What they needed in that moment, was a song. Read more


Worship Overflow Vision

In our first Worship Overflow Podcast episode, we discussed a few of our favorite worship podcasts, as well as how our podcast will differentiate itself from the other ones that we mentioned. We also talked about five commitments that we are making regarding the culture we are pursuing on the Worship Overflow Podcast.

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Deja Vu

My heart was beating as I stood next to the kitchen counter, listening to the silence of intrigue as my friends told their six word life stories one by one for the first time, and were met with cheers of affirmation. It was almost my turn to go.

We had thirty seconds to share our six word stories. And finally, it was my time to share.

I began by sharing how my journey through the 10,000 Father’s Worship School had gotten me to dig through the soil of my heart and story in ways I never had before. I shared how thankful I was for each of their team members pouring into me. And then, with about 12 seconds left, I shared my story. Read more

Of Galaxies And Chests

Have you ever been outside under the night sky, far away from city lights, and stood, gazing up in silent wonder?

Yesterday, we sang the lyrics, “The heavens are your tabernacle. Glory to the Lord on high. God of wonders, beyond our galaxy.” Read more