Original Wonder

Perhaps you’ve heard of the theological concept of “Original Sin.” It’s a doctrine made popular by St. Augustine that says that each of us has a sin nature handed to us through the sperm of our father going all the way back to Adam, who is believed to be the original human man and father of us all. As I was taught, this is why Jesus had to be born of a virgin. By not having an earthly father, the sin nature that all of humanity inherits would not be passed down to him.

This doctrine of original sin is where many of us begin our theology. After all, the word “original” carries within it the idea of “origin,” or the beginning. Read more

Moving Through Doubt Toward Wonder

Every moment of loving, creative overflow begins with the seed of wonder. We may not even recognize it as such. In fact, we may not even notice what is happening in our souls until the seed of wonder begins to grow into questions.

This state of questioning is very unsettling, perhaps even shocking at first. What if something very fundamental that you believe about the world, about relationships, about politics, yourself, or even God, is not true? If that one thing is not true, then what else is not true? At what point does questioning individual facts begin to morph into entire paradigm shifts? And at what point have you lost your faith? Read more