Sitting In Silence

My head is a very noisy place. While I’m sitting in my quiet living room, among other noises, I hear the noise of thinking through this article, the whispering demands of multiple aspects to my business, the intrigue of the Denver Broncos coaching the Senior Bowl, the angst of wondering when we’ll find the right quarterback, the reminder that a friend wants me to read an article and share my thoughts on it, and the rush of knowing that my kids will be coming home soon, at which time this apparent silence will be gone. Read more

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The Path of Safety

A half century ago, Martin Luther King Jr. marched with his arms locked with friends, neighbors, and strangers in the pursuit of greater unity, freedom, and liberty for the oppressed. It was a dangerous time that ultimately proved to be deadly for him. As they marched forward, their eyes held the combination of hope and fear, while their jaws clenched in the strength of forward movement. They were anything but safe. Yet, they marched. Read more


Wrestling through Biblical Postures toward Women Leaders

Last week, I wrote an article about the Silence of Women in Conservative Christianity. The article received quite a bit of reaction on social media that continued to bring to mind things that I’ve been taught, believed, or need to consider with this topic.

I’d like to begin this follow up article by admitting that I don’t have a particular agenda here. I’m not on a crusade to prove that women should or should not be pastors. But I’m seeing some pretty significant differences between how Jesus, John, and sometimes Paul consider women’s roles, and how the Jews, the conservative church…and sometimes Paul view women in ministry. So rather than acting like I have it all clear, or waiting until I do, I’m going to lay a few things out there for your consideration about where I am in this thought process. Just a heads up, if you hold to a complimentarian, inerrant view of Scripture, some of these thoughts may make you feel uncomfortable. But it’s something I’m wrestling through, and would like to ask for your input on. Read more

Hear His Voice and Believe in Yourself

My son Blake is a pretty confident kid. He loves putting himself out there and trying new adventures. So when we bought him his first bike two years ago, I was excited to see how he would have a whole new world opened up to him.

When he first got up on the bike, his eyes were wide with excitement and fear. His body was tense as I held onto him and his bike, and slowly walked him around the driveway. Of course, he had training wheels. But he had never been that high, never felt that much potential. And eventually, he got it. Read more


The Silence of Women in Conservative Christianity

It’s been twenty five minutes, with at least twenty still to go. I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, listening to someone share what God has been revealing to him in the Bible. Their sermon is usually very interesting to me, with a mix of deep theological insight, whimsical humor, and life-giving poetry that calls me into a deeper rest in who I am as a child of a good Father. And as he speaks, my heart is both stilled and awakened. Read more