Charlottesville: Statues & Images

As I sit comfortably on my couch, in my completely quiet house, while my babies take a nap, there are mobs of angry people in a town called Charlottesville who are carrying torches, yelling and screaming, and running over people with cars. Read more

A Scriptural and Scientific Case for Meditation

What comes to mind when you think about meditation? Some of our minds may go to a Buddhist monk, high on a mountain in far away Asia. Others may think of a Catholic nun or a priest in a dark, candle lit room. Or perhaps we think of a Yoga instructor and their millennial students in a candle-scented studio downtown. Read more

Leading Worship For the Hurting

Her eyes slowly opened. And for one small moment, her thoughts focused simply on noticing her ceiling. Then she felt it. A dry trail of tears from the long night stuck tightly to her temples and ended in her ears. And suddenly, the invasion of sorrow seeped into her heart again. Her mother was gone.

He woke to the muffled sounds of his children playing in the other room. As he listened to the thumping of feet and to their innocent, virgin laughter, his thoughts drifted to the empty refrigerator. He knew at any moment, his kids would burst into the room, asking what was for breakfast. And he wasn’t quite sure yet what he would say. He always seemed to be able to scrap something together for them. But then, what about lunch? His bank account was in the negative. And his manhood was gone. Read more