Internalize Your “Why?”

Have you ever found yourself doing something and wondered, “Why am I even doing this?” Or “Why am I doing it this way?”

I own a cleaning company. And there have been many times over the past 15 years that I have found myself, hovered over and scrubbing a toilet, and wondering, “Why am I doing this?”

If my entire purpose ends with that toilet, then my life would stink, pun intended. But if I see how that toilet fits in with the bigger picture of my ultimate vision, then suddenly I have inspiration to clean. Read more

Start with “Who?”

One of the most influential people I have enjoyed learning from is Simon Sinek. He began to grow in popularity with a Ted Talk he did called “Start with Why”, in which he says that the most effective leaders move from the inside out. He says that, rather than starting with what we do, we should start with why we do it, then how we pursue our value, and finally what we do. Read more

Building A Worship Department

Over the past couple of months, I have been studying worship pastor job descriptions from across the country, spanning many different denominations, locations, and church sizes.

Many, though definitely not all, volunteer and part time positions are looking for people who are barely qualified and experienced at all. Read more

God’s Motherly Love

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to consider how our earthly fathers point us to the affection of our heavenly Father. We consider how the goodness and love of our earthly fathers remind us of God’s love. We consider how the sacrificial giving of our earthly fathers points us to the giving of our heavenly Father. We even think about how the failings of our earthly fathers remind us that our ultimate hope should be in our unfailing heavenly Father, rather than in our earthly one.

But this isn’t Father’s Day. It’s Mother’s Day.

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God Of Battles Won EP

One of the most interesting parts of our engagement with God is that it is a dialogue of poetry. In Ephesians 2:10, we see we are God’s poetry, that He is writing our stories as beautiful poems of grace. Then later in that chapter, we see that these poems are rising up in worship.

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