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All Dried Up

My mind was racing, and quite honestly, tired of racing. My wife was going to be gone for three days at a conference, during which time I would be solely responsible for our four kids under the age of seven. Our first album recording at church is coming down the final stretch. I was trying to prepare for leading worship. And I had a number of quick decisions that were needing to be made for my business.

If I were to line up four glasses of water, I would have been pouring into my family, my church, and my community. But my personal glass was empty. I literally felt like an engine without any more oil.

This morning, just 24 hours later, I noticed that I felt refreshed. The funny thing was though that I wasn’t quite sure why at first. I hadn’t intentionally gone through any process that would fill me up. I hadn’t meditated, done yoga, or rewatched Super Bowl 50. So I decided to reflect back on what had happened.

I spent the rest of my afternoon yesterday playing with my kids and taking a nap. Then last night, I spent my evening with some members of our worship team. After that, I watched a movie with my wife, and had a full night’s sleep.

As I looked back on those events, I realized that my family and my church had spent the day pouring into me.

I still had the same four kids to care for, the same album to record, the same corporate worship to prepare for, and the same decisions to make for my business. But I was now able to pursue those things out of a place of rest, having been poured into by my family and my church.

And now, my personal overflow glass is beginning to fill again.

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